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Born and raised in New York, BoofE has an appreciation for beauty and art in everyday life.  BoofE specializes in abstract, contemporary, large scale and body adornment pieces. She has a special talent for creating flow designs based on the clients’ energy and personal needs, as well as fitting the natural curves of the human body.  Her tattoo sessions focus on the sacred bond between tattoo artist and client; each client will experience a guided and gentle tattoo session that puts connection within the ink, and then into the skin.  When BoofE isn’t tattooing, she enjoys connecting to nature, participating in healing self-care, photography, and authentic self-expression. You can also connect with her at local farmers markets around Orlando where she showcases custom designed products with her partner, T.  She heavily focuses on optimizing her power to continue transcending; this makes BoofE an artist who tattoos with intention, care, and spirituality.




Custom Tattoo Request Form:

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