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If you’re looking for an artist full of personality, talent, great conversation and laughs, Catt is your girl! She has always had a love for art and painting, so tattooing came very naturally to her.  She is a perfectionist when it comes to line-work and has a passion for color tattoos.  Her style ranges from cartoon, pop art, anime, illustrative and anything video-game related.  Catt is passionate about her family and loved ones, enjoys spending time with her son Lucas, playing Zelda & other games, and getting creative with different art mediums.  She has a natural talent for creating custom, colorful designs that fit the needs of each client.



Custom Tattoo Request Form:

Please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible to get an accurate quote on your design. Thank you. 

Please include 2 reference photos so your artist can get a clear idea of your vision:

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