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Our piercer Helen has been in the medical field for over 8 years, with 3 years being in aesthetics. This is where Helen found her true passion -  in helping others feel good about themselves, as we can be our own worst critics. To Helen, piercings are another form of art and another way people are able to express themselves. Piercings can be seen as a sign of beauty and used to enhance beauty.  Helen has a passion for design and wants to curate ears to fit the style and aesthetic of each client beautifully.  When Helen isn’t piercing, she loves spending time with her beautiful family with whom she is very close with.  She has 2 adorable Frenchie’s named Sushi and Neko and even painted a huge Frenchie mural in her piercing room – be sure to check it out during your visit! Helen has very calming and confident energy, so she is a natural at putting her clients at ease while getting pierced.  With her extensive medical experience, as well as being PMU certified and licensed in tattooing, (she’s about to get her Esthetician license as well!)  look no further for your piercing needs! Helen is your girl.



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