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Our Fern Park piercer with 13 years of experience fell into tattooing while looking for something new after the recession in 2009.  He took on a traditional apprenticeship from a friend and ended up finding his true passion in piercing!  Dan had no idea the love he would end up having for this profession, and we are sure lucky he did!  Over a decade later he’s still at it and loves coming to work each day. Dans favorite piercings to do are daith and shen men because they’re supposed to help with migraines and anxiety. Whether or not there’s any scientific data backing up those claims, he has clients who swear they felt better after getting them done!  Dan loves that he’s able to help his client’s quality of life through piercing. Dan was born in south Florida but has lived in various places around Orlando since he was 2.  He loves spending his free time going on adventures with his dog, reading comics, or hanging out with friends.  Dan is very friendly and easy to talk to – piercings can sometimes be nerve-wracking, but Dan makes sure to keep all his clients at ease with his vast knowledge and comfortable attitude.  Thinking about getting that piercing you’ve always wanted? Book with Dan today!

If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian must accompany you for the entirety of the procedure. All minor consent forms must be notarized. Use our quick and convenient link to get your form notarized virtually for $25.00 



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