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D A N N Y 

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Meet Danny! He has been tattooing since 2005.  He got started in tattooing while he was getting tattooed one day by his artist – his tattoo artist was impressed with his drawings and tattoos he had done on himself.  From there, his 20-year tattoo journey began.  His favorite styles to tattoo are comic and anime, but he’s up for any tattoo design-just fill out his form below! When Danny isn’t busy at the shop, you’ll find him playing billiards with his friends or wrestling – he’s been a pro wrestler for 24 years!  He's a huge fan of TMNT and Dragon Ball Z – truly a kid at heart.  Danny loves to crack jokes with his clients, creating a fun and chill environment.




Custom Tattoo Request Form:

Please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible to get an accurate quote on your design. Thank you. 

Please include 2 reference photos so your artist can get a clear idea of your vision:

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