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Z K U L L 

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Zkull (Kamilo) is an incredible artist from Chile. This is where he started his journey tattooing back in 2014.  Tattooing started as a fun hobby to do on the side – his job as a professional acrobat took up most of his time.  He decided then to tattoo as his full-time job and has been regularly booked out ever since. He has been drawing ever since he can remember and loves doing free hand tattoos using markers and drawing directly on the skin.  He enjoys all styles of tattoos when he has the freedom to design them in his own distinct style.  When he’s not tattooing, you’ll find Zkull training in acrobats, parkour, tricking or breakdance.  He enjoys playing MTG cards, Soulslike games, and super smash bros.  Zkull loves to talk – he wants his clients to know he's an open book for any personal questions and is always actively working on improving his English.   




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