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Ish is a self taught artist, but had a traditional apprenticeship where he learned the fundamentals of tattooing.  He is a full-fledged artist ready to take on any project. All of Ish's techniques and understanding of art came from life experience, time, and patience. Ish believes studying art is a constant thing, especially when there are a variety of skin types. Ish has been drawing since he can remember and believes it is a privilege to find a career where he is able to translate that.  The work Ish produces reflects black work, semi-realism, and illustrative portraits.  However, his style is dynamic and he is willing to try anything. What's the fun in limiting yourself?  Ish has a calming, quiet, confident presence; you are in good hands the moment you book with him. No need for small-talk or forced conversation! Ish is a friendly artist ready to work with you on any idea! 



Custom Tattoo Request Form: 

Please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible to get an accurate quote on your design. Thank you.

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