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Sabel has an extensive background in art that began when she was very young.  Her dad is a professional artist, so she grew up surrounded by many different art mediums and was constantly painting, drawing, and crafting any chance she got.  She spent 2 years at Valencia Community College majoring in Fine Arts, but eventually received her degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from UCF.  Sabel then began her art career as an art teacher (5 years) and free lance painter, then made the leap to tattooing in January 2023.  She loves animals, traveling, being out in nature, and spending time with her husband and dog, Caya.  Sabel believes that the tattoo experience should be an escape from the things that life throws at us – her goal is for you to view your appointment as "you time" and fully enjoy the experience! Wear a cozy outfit, listen to your favorite music, bring or order your favorite meal for longer sessions! Ask questions and have an experience that is catered to YOU! - no small-talk required ;)  And of course, leave the studio with an amazing piece of art on your body. Sabel enjoys many styles of tattooing, but her unique style focuses on illustrative, black and grey realism, fine line and anything including nature/animals. 


P O R T F O L I O 


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