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Our artist full of warmth, empathy and personality, Bee has a background in drawing, painting, and a natural eye for proportions and figure drawing that is unmatched.  Bee enjoys spending time with their partner, Marlo, loves their cats: Cookie and Clover as well as 2 new members to the family: adorable rats named Wally and Toby!  Bee specializes in traditional, Neo traditional, bold and colorful tattoos.  Bee is passionate about taking on projects that include figures, animals, queer love, and fantasy.  Bee has the unique ability to understand clients’ wishes and translate them into drawings, coming up with a tattoo design truly tailored to the client.




Custom Tattoo Request Form:

Please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible to get an accurate quote on your design. Thank you. 

Please include 2 reference photos so your artist can get a clear idea of your vision:

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